Create a Status Page

Keep customers updated of incidents, maintenance, outages and more...

Create Status Page

Notify customers, employees and end users when your service is down.


Display your historical uptime performance to build customer trust.


Custom design your Status Page lay-out and notifications so it reflects your brand.

Easy to edit


Notify your users in real-time when incidents happen.

Upload files


Keep customers updated of a scheduled maintenance

Control schedule


Showcase the uptime of different system components.

Mark tasks


Connect with 3rd party monitoring tools.


Get started for free, no CC required!
  • 1 Status Page
  • 250 Subscribers
  • 5 team members allowed
  • 5 components
  • Email/Slack Notifications
  • Basic Customization


Ideal for sites/apps that require extra functionalities.
  • 5 Status Pages
  • 500 Subscribers
  • 50 team members allowed
  • 10 components
  • Email/SMS/Slack/Webhook Notifications
  • Custom Domain/Custom CSS
  • Access to REST APIs



That's a good question and there are a number of factors to consider. If you are strating out and only require basic functionalities the Basic Plan will be sufficient. However, if you want advanced functionalities (e.g. SMS and Webhook Notifications) we suggest the Premium Plan.

You can subscribe to My Status Page with any major credit card. When you cancel your plan before the next renewal cycle, you will retain access to paid features until the end of your subscription period.

Yes, if you have a larger site or app with more than 500 subscribers please contact us for a quote.

No, both plans come with unlimited notifications. That said, the type of notifications we send (Email/Slack vs. Email/SMS/Slack/Webhook) depends on your plan.

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